Quality, Security, Environment and Education
BPTEC is fully committed in Safety rules and MASE certified

The quality of our proposal, the security of our employees, and the education of our staff build a global concept necessary to succeed in to-day’s world

BPTEC management considers these facts with a high importance

Thus the operators have following qualifications

  • Welding license for steel and stainless steel ( all diameters – thickness up to 18mm)
  • Chemical risks levels 1 and 2
  • Forklifts and rolling cranes licenses
  • Lifting cradles qualification
  • Gesture and position training
  • Etc...

The Company own the :

  • Welding according to EN15614, ASME,           
  • Welders qualifications according to EN287.1
  • Welding equipment adapted
  • Quality management meeting ISO 9001requirements

Security is a permanent target! BPTEC has introduced some years ago an innovative security management project
All employees from the management to the workers are concerned.
They are the agents of our security policy
The environment is not forgotten and all of us keep in view this challenge to offer a world as clean as possible to our successors