Incorporated in 2007 as BPTEC we inherited the experience and field service left by its founders and collaborators: In fact more than 20 years experience.
Our competence and our experience in piping, boiler making, applied to new projects or industrial maintenance is established. We will help you to optimize your projects. 
According to the size and the urgency we will involve the additional required capacity to reach our goals.
We operate in most countries basically in Western Europe.



BPTEC employs 20 qualified professionals. In case of activity peak the staff can easily be increased to 35 – 40 people according to the work load. Our staff comprising:

  • Project managers - management
  • Field people i.e. qualified welders, boiler makers, fitters and others according to requirements

Workshop and production facilities:

  • 600m2 workshop dedicated to steel forming (piping, boiler making, and mechanical assembly), travelling crane
  • 200m2 engineering dedicated to engineering prototypes administration and follow-up
  • 300 m2 Storage area

Tooling such as :

  • Bending equipment
  • Saws
  • Drilling machines
  • Punching machine
  • Chanfering machine
  • TIG welding with cooling
  • Semi-automatic welding cooled units
  • Orbital welding units
  • Electric arc equipment
  • Hydraulic test pumps
  • Scaffoldings

And all necessary portable tools