Know how:

- Engineering, pre fabrication and assembly of all types of pipes in carbon steel, allied steel, stainless steel, aluminum and PVC in all diameters

- Engineering, manufacturing  and assembly of tanks, balloons, and vessels, welded structures in carbon steel allied steel or stainless steel

Our experience and know how associated to performing devices allow us to answer any customer’s demand  in most branches of activity.
Thus we propose a global package from design to execution of piping networks and optimize your projects by innovative solutions and cost reduction

1. Engineering scope of supply

  • Calculation notes
  • Drawings (general assembly, sectional,… )
  • Project planning
  • Manufacturing Data Book
  • Codes : CODETI, CODAP, ASME, etc.

Example: Skid and piping network

2. Expertise 

Our knowledge of the industrial processes of our customers leads us to offer a complete « package » of consultancy and expertise. This applies often when our customers meet production problems or simply look for efficiency improvement or/ and cost reduction

3 Global offer

In addition to above described products according to specific requirements we also propose the monitoring of complex projects.
In this case or “global proposal” comprises on top of the basic prefabrication and mounting activities the scaffoldings – lifting and cabling – wiring – painting or piping insulation whenever required .

Industrial maintenance, (up grading, repair and/or welding, overlay) are part of  BPTEC competences developed in order to offer our customers an optimized use of their plant  at the best costs.

3 Controls

We are Cofrend 2 qualified. This allows us to carry out internal controls at market prices 

In addition we secure a follow-up and the control at each stage of the manufacturing : i.e. visual – dimensional and/or Dye Penetrant– Ultra sonic – X rays – hydro and leak test according to customer’s Inspection Test Plan or specific requirements.
All tests carried out in the shop or on site